Established in 1999, Garo Group is a business technology firm specializing in the smart application of technology to build, refine and automate processes for our business partners.  We design, build and deploy applications, web sites, content management systems, intranets and data frameworks.  Our team of business analysts, designers and developers delivers and supports the entire spectrum of today’s topologies, architectures, devices and standards. Our solutions are based on expertly modeled databases that are crafted to anticipate growth and expansion.  Our user interfaces are designed to provide an intuitive experience on both web and mobile platforms.

Garo is a software developer that will stand by our solutions.  We take pride in them, support them, maintain them and nurture their growth.


Garo will strive to develop a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of your processes, goals and objectives.  We will reference this knowledge at every decision point from design through to delivery.

Your solution will be innovative and create long-term efficiencies for your business.

Our success will come from your success. It will be based on honest and respectful relationships with clients, vendors and staff.

We will create opportunity for you, by imagining all the ways in which technology can serve and add value to your business.