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Forward-thinking applications to empower business

We develop and invest in a deep understanding of your business and the data that empowers it.  Our engineers use this knowledge to design and deliver ideal technology solutions that harness the power of precisely/expertly modelled data and efficient, scalable applications.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is designed to manage a business’s core processes, such as finance, human resources, inventory, and supply chain management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software manages a business’s interactions with customers and prospects.

Project Management software is designed to help businesses plan and manage projects from start to finish.

Business Intelligence (BI) software supports businesses by analyzing and interpreting data to make better decisions.

Inventory Management software tracks inventory levels, sales trends, and other important data related to the inventory of a business.

Accounting software is designed to help manage financial transactions, such as invoicing, payroll, and tax preparation.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) software manages the flow of goods and services from suppliers to customers.

Human Resources (HR) software aids businesses that manage employee information, such as payroll, benefits, and performance reviews.

Marketing Automation software uses automations to streamline marketing processes, such as lead generation, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Customer Service software manages a businesses customer interactions, such as support tickets and inquiries.


Customer portal allows clients to access various resources related to a business. This can include things like account information, billing and payment details, product or service information, and support resources.

Partner portal provides business partners a space to access resources and information related to their relationship with the business. This can include things like sales data, marketing materials, and training resources.

Employee portal gives employees access to various resources related to their employment with the business. This can include things like payroll information, benefits information, training materials, company news, and more.

Supplier portal gives your suppliers access to information and resources related to their relationship with the business. This can include things like purchase orders, invoices, and delivery schedules.

Knowledge Management portal allows employees to access and share knowledge related to the business. Examples include things like best practice documents, training materials, policies, and procedures.

Mobile Apps

Customer Engagement apps are designed to improve customer interactions with the business. These apps can include things like loyalty programs, personalized offers, appointment scheduling, and more.

Mobile E-commerce apps allow customers to browse and purchase products directly from their mobile device. These apps can offer features such as product recommendations, reviews, and secure payment options.

Employee Productivity apps are designed to improve employee productivity and efficiency. These apps can include things like time tracking, project management tools, communication tools, and more.

Inventory Management apps allow businesses to track inventory levels, sales trends, and other important data related to their inventory.

Field Service apps are designed for businesses that provide on-site services. These apps can include features such as appointment scheduling, GPS tracking, and real-time communication with customers.


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